2 Ways To Record Skype For Business Calls

At such times when we are required to stay at home, there has been a shoot in the need for video calling and conferencing with apps like Skype. Skype for business calls is definitely one of the best apps in this but at the same time, there comes a need to record the same for future reference. This comes in very handy especially when you need to record Skype meetings and for this to happen, you require the right addons and software to get you there. Of course, there are lots of go-to solutions out there to help you record video calls and in a market with a saturation of these options, you have to go for the best.

You are in the right place as you will get acquainted with two of the best programs to help you record Skype meetings. At the end of the day, you will have an effective program to sail you towards high-quality Skype recordings without much hassle. Here are the best programs that you are opened up to.

TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype


Looking to record Skype for business calls in the most efficient and reliable way, TalkHelper is the leader in this category. You will be able to record Skype calls in high-quality on your Windows PC without the need to tinker with so many options. On top of video messages, you are also empowered with the option to record voicemails even when you are away. Unlike other tools out there that record video calls, TalkHelper records Skype directly no matter it is windowed, normal, or full screen. Here is how to get started with this good program.


  • Download a free trial or buy the paid version of this program from the official website. You need not worry even if you are using the trial period since there will be no limitations at all.
  • The moment you place a call on Skype for business, TalkHelper will commence recording automatically as it is already integrated. However, at the back of your mind just know that only audio calls can be recorded automatically after which you can pause or stop recording at any point.
  • For video calls, you have to start recording manually by hitting the “Video Record” option on the toolbar. From the relevant interface, you will be able to control the process to record Skype for business calls. The same applies when you want to record Skype meetings that have more than one participant.
  • You get to pause, resume, and stop recording at any one time you prefer and after that, you can playback or even share with the relevant target audience. The output files will be in chronological order bearing the contact information and in the AVI format.


TalkHelper has proven to be the best app to record Skype for business calls especially when you consider that it brings to you both the automatic and manual recording modes so that you can pick the one that augurs the best with you. The user experience is pretty fluid which means that there shouldn’t be any hurdles during the process. Better yet, you have the chance to pick the directory where you want the recorded files to go in order to have an easy time retrieving the files later for further actions necessary.


Built-in Skype Recording Manager


Even before you can look for third-party apps to help you record Skype for business calls, Skype has its own built-in recording manager that will basically help you grab the proceeding of the call and save on your computer. By getting to record Skype for business calls, you need not hassle trying to remember every detail of the meeting while you can just play it back at the click of a button. If you are planning to record a Skype meeting as a participant, this is what it will take to realize a successful process. By following the steps below, you will be able to realize a successful process to record Skype meetings.


  • When you have started a call on your Skype for business, click on the “More Options” button and then hit the “Start Recording” option. If the option is greyed out, it is an indication that the audio is disconnected so double-check that using the mic icon.
  • In case you need to pause, resume, or even stop the recording process, all the options are there at the bottom.
  • In the instance, you need to know who else is recording the session, just hover the mouse cursor over the red recording indicator icon.
  • Once you have captured all that you needed, it comes without saying that you have to end the process. To do this, click on the “Stop Recording” option after which you will be notified that all recordings have stopped.


After all this, you have managed to record Skype for business calls without the hassle to look for third party alternatives. Better yet, this top program saves the call in the universal MP4 format that is playable from any device without any hiccups. At the same time, you can always exit the call even before the recorded Skype file is processed as this good program is able to do that in the background.


Depending on which program has proven to kick the ball out of the park in the most convenient way, you have no excuse not to be able to save all your Skype calls with the ultimate ease. When you get to explore these good programs to the fullest, you will appreciate the features and realize that the process to record Skype for business calls is not something that is out of this world.

Having a backup of the business calls goes a long way to satisfy the need for future reference and also get to share the same with the target audience in a process that is not tedious or time-consuming at all. The ball is in your court now, grab your preferred option, and record Skype for business calls to your satisfaction.