8 Top PDF Converter Software That Offers Free Download

PDF readers are vital programs anyone who uses a computer or a smartphone must have. The increased readers of PDFs results in the demand for the conversion of the PDFs into other formats. Whether you want a software that will convert a document from the PDF format to the TXT/ JPG/ EPUB/PNG/HTML/WORD format, the best PDF converting software should offer all these features. it’s worth noting that every PDF converting software boasts to be the best PDF converter even when they can’t meet the expectations of what you need.

In this case, the best PDF converting software is the one that gives unrivaled converting options and delivers quality output. To help you, we have written a review of the top PDF converting software that you can opt to use. Our list concentrates on the software that delivers unrivaled top-notch output.


Soda PDF Converter_1

The Soda PDF Pro comes with an exception tool to give standard kind of PDF conversion. Mostly, users prefer using the Soda PDF PRO + OCR when they want basic conversions that do not require a lot of editing. Despite giving standard conversion output, it goes on to provide colossal functions that everyone would need a PDF converting software to do. For example, it’s possible to convert a PDF file from a template through the Soda PDF PRO + OCR.


  • Comes with an impressive user interface hence offering top user experience
  • Possible to purchase the program in modules


  • Fails to support multimedia loading into files.

WPS PDF to Word Converter


This is a popular PDF converter among smartphone users. The WPS PDF to Word Converter is a compatible program on smartphones giving a variety of office functions such as Word, Excel and PPT. Recently, the WPS PDF to Word converting software has incorporated the PDF to Word conversions to join our list of the best PDF converters.

The feature comes in at the right time for users who needed to convert a PDF file into a Word document. The WPS PDF to Word converter has easy to use features. To convert a file, you just need to drag the document to the application then select your preferred options. Immediately after selecting your command option, the software takes less than a minute to fully deliver quality work.

Despite offering PDF to Word conversions, it comes with an additional feature to allow the conversion of the Doc or DOCX. With such features, this software proves to perform a well-done job and separates itself from a partial success kind of output.

The WPS PDF converter comes into 2 diverse versions you can use; the online version and the application version. As always, the online version is a free version with limited features. The desktop version requires you to pay and comes with all converting features that the WPS can offer.


  • Offers unlimited conversions
  • Maintain top grade conversions.


  • The premium version is expensive to subscribe


TalkHelper PDF Converter

TalkHelper PDF converter

Our reviews are often based on our experience with the software and a research from the experts. In this case, we bring you the TalkHelper PDF converting software. This software defines what quality output is all about. The software is easy to use and very efficient when you want to convert a file into an editable document. The TalkHelper PDF converter is well designed with an UI and UX that is well-crafted to ensure you get absolutely zero difficulty when using the software.

To convert a PDF file into an editable document, you just need to drag the file then drop it on the software where you select the command option to execute what you want. What stands out from TalkHelper PDF converting software is the format of the image, font and the texts. The output is not only pleasing to the eye but saves you the hassle of coming up with quality output.


  • Super-efficient converting software
  • Comes with the bookmark feature
  • Cheap
  • Easy to use


  • Slow when converting large documents


Icecream PDF Converter


Sweet words don’t always guarantee quality work, however, the Icecream PDF Converter is the real deal when it comes to customer satisfaction. This software combines effective and dynamic features when converting the PDF files into other documental formats. One unique feature about the Icecream PDF converter is that it can change a PDF into a document format then back to the PDF format.

Besides, this software provides fast services whereby you can convert all your files at once. Professionals have rated the software among the best PDF converters due to the fact that it can also convert a section of a page that you need converted leaving the unwanted pages from the conversion.


  • Supports the customizing of metadata
  • Good choices of output formats
  • Offer huge PDF conversion


  • Expensive to buy


Adobe Acrobat

Adobe PDF converter_2

The Adobe company is a renowned company designing perfect software to computer users. The Adobe Acrobat Standard DC is a perfect PDF converter that comes with different solutions to your problems. This software can convert PDF documents and give an option to edit the document before submitting. This feature alone proves professionalism hence joining our list of the best PDF converters you can use.


  • It allows file integration such as emails and spreadsheets
  • Provides high security to documents
  • Supports the PDF to Word as well as Word to PDF conversions at high speeds.
  • Can be used in creating web forms.


  • Has cumbersome features that new users can take long to navigate.


UniPDF to Word Converter


The UniPDF converting software can never lack any blog as one of the best PDF converting software for windows. This is because of the features it comes with. First, it comes in two versions; the trial version and the paid version. Typically, if you opt to use the trial version, the UniPDF converter allows you to upgrade to the paid version and get all features of the software. The trial version allows you convert only three pages thus being one of the loopholes users complain off.

However, the UniPDF maintains all the details of the document including the edges, color and the images on the document. The software is an easy to use kind of software thus we can broadly recommend you to download the free trial. Using the UniPDF to Word converter guarantees users high quality docs that do not have size limits. Another notable feature is that the User Interface(UI) is simple thus doesn’t require any advanced knowledge to operate. To use the software, all you need to do is to drag the file to the conversion panel.


  • Maintains the originality of the document


  • Limits more than 3-page conversion
  • Possible to loose texts.


Nitro Pro


Users who need a software that can perform multiple conversions should go for the Nitro Pro software. This PDF converter is as unique as you can ever think off! It checks on the spell checks of your document automatically. In this case, if you opt to use the Nitro Pro PDF Converter for businesses purposes, then this one suits you best. The software integrates well with the office applications thus making it possible to convert your files anytime you desire.


  • Provides the advanced editing and conversion options to the PDFs.


  • Not possible to embed media files on the docs.


FDFMate PDF Converter


The FDFMATE PDF Converter is one great PDF converter that uses the OCR technology. This program can convert 3 docs into an editable text or in HTML, EPUB and EPUB format. It comes with a premium edition that you pay to get more advanced features to use.


  • Variety of conversion options
  • Possible to re-arrange the pages


  • Only 3 documents can be converted


Generally, the best PDF converter is the one that has variety of features and can convert your documents faster. The price should never worry you as long as the output is the best!