Skype is arguably the best application for online communication especially for podcasters which provides Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. It allows you to make video and audio calls, exchange chat messages with family and friends around the world on your computer. However, Skype users are still not content simply because it lacks the feature of recording skype calls or videos.

Anybody reading this article right now and uses Skype would totally understand how crucial it is not to have a recording or backup of your conversation nowadays. So if you have been desperately searching for solutions on how to solve the problem, just sit back, relax and continue to read this article. You had better rely on a third party tool to get the problem solved.  We are going to display you the best Skype recorder for your windows PC.


  1. TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype

TalkHelper Screen Recorder

TalkHelper Skype call Recorder is a free program that is well established and offers unlimited calls for windows; it has a simple interface and works quite well with both video and audio calls which can be stored in formats and easily retrieved. By formats, I mean MP3 or WAV format for audio and video files in AVI format.

Audio calls can be saved in MP3 format in high quality sound and can also be easily played by other gadgets. One of TalkHelper special attributes is that you are able to do screen shares with this tool since it records from the inside. Besides capturing calls, TalkHelper also lets you to add Memos or texts to each you make just to make your recordings even more memorable and maintains a detailed history of all your messages.

Now, feel free to download and install TalkHelper on your windows and it will integrate with Skype very easily after for a hassle free call recording. Remember it has a seven day trial version that will you help decide on whether you would go for the premium version which comes with a price tag and of course has more to offer . Therefore the choice is in your hands.


  1. Pamela for Skype


Pamela is reliable, powerful and easy to use Skype audio and video recording software that comes in four versions which is Basic, Call Recorder, Business and Professional. Not only can Pamela record Skype calls, but also play audio files during a call.

Interestingly, it works out of the box after installation. Pamela will automatically begin to record your calls immediately you initiate a call. You can pause/stop your recording to take a screenshot and also gives you the freedom to do other things since you can still continue from where you stopped from if it has been resumed.

While you can use Pamela Basic to record a Skype video or audio call as long as you want, you are however limited to only 5 minutes of Video call Skype recording and 15 minutes of audio recording. Additionally, Pamela will manage your incoming calls once you step away from your computer. It will rush off a text message which will pop up on your contacts. Informing them you are not available for a moment. Download Pamela.

  1. Evaer


Evaer gaining more popularity among all as it is the most straightforward, and much easier to operate recording program for both professionals and beginners (always responsive to any questions). It is compatible with windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and good at providing excellent sound and image, time after time.  This tool sets itself up so you won’t have to struggle in setting up anything; it will quietly record your calls in the background which is very convenient.

With Evaer software, you can record audio or video or even both of your Skype calls and they will automatically be saved on your desktop which is a cool thing. You can as well record Skype video calls into MP4 or AVI files or record separate MP3 audio files with video calls.

Evaer offers all these amazing features as listed below;

  • It captures original Skype video and audio with high quality
  • It saves Skype voicemail directly to your HD and also video messages.
  • It supports Skype screen sharing sessions.
  • It also saves video calls with remote-webcam-only mode, separate files, side-by-side, audio-only, local-webcam-only and picture-in-picture.


  1. MP3 Skype recorder


MP3 Skype recorder is Skype video recorder software for Windows to record Skype calls. It is one of the best available software to automatically record Skype conversations in just a click since it sets itself after installing and stores your recordings locally in MP3. MP3 Skype enables you to record P2P Skype calls and SkypeOut calls plus calls to Skype Online number. You won’t have to strain hard with this tool, just start your Skype call and it will surprise you with automatic recording.

Moreover, you can always set the recording bit rate from 24-128kbps as well as recording mode like joint stereo, Mono and stereo if you want you’re recording to be unique and outstanding. Simply install the program on your PC to enjoy the basic functions for which it has been developed.


  1. Amolto Call Recorder


Amolto Recorder is a free, simple tool which allows you to record Skype conversations and to store them as high-quality MP3 on windows operating system.

This software supports Windows vista or newer only. It enables users to record both audio and videos calls easily. Configuring this program is as simple as downloading it from its official website. It will automatically record calls on various applications.

Amolto comes in two versions, the trial version which is free and the premium version which has no limit but you will have to spend some cash on it in case you want to upgrade and enjoy the its wonderful  features like screen recording, Skype video call recording and screen sharing etc. Enjoy your memories with Amolto call recorder.


  1. ifree Skype recorder


ifree recorder is a Skype simple plug-in that automatically get connected to Skype running on your computer. It allows you to have unlimited Skype calls for as long as you want or as long as you get fed up, there are no restrictions or limits whatsoever, there are no hidden costs. It will have your back and your files will be stored on your My Documents folder by default and can still be edited to have it to your own standards. The developers provide it completely free so as to enable the users have a great time to easily record their calls in high quality.

It is ideally suited for recording interviews and it can record different sides of an ongoing call, which is not something you will find in every recorder s feature box. ifree is completely safe for your computer. You can now download it and after installation, you will just see a simple interface to work around and do the automatic or the manual recording. The automatic recording will begin without any interface from the user and then the manual mode, you can always set.


  1. Supertintin skype video recorder

Supertintin’s Skype video recorder is easy to use and will let you record both audio and video conversations that you would find pretty important to you helping you store memories for the future. Downloading the program is very simple and it works ideally with old versions of windows to windows 8.

It will record Skype calls automatically in high quality as soon as a call begins or ends, therefore, it is capable to adjust the frame rate and the resolution of the video, so you don’t have to bother yourself out.

It does manage to capture original media data and record video in picture-in-picture, Remote-Only, side by side and Local-Only model as well. It can store files and organize them accordingly. So if you have been asking yourself what’s so special about Supetintin application? It’s all about making your life faster and comfortable. This program will blow your mind away and there are no any complicated downloads and installations.

Download Supertintin Skype video Recorder from the official website.



If you have been looking for real Skype recorder software that will help you save all your interviews, conferences and personal conversations – our programs discussed in this article just do that and a lot more. We recommend installing them as a trial first to make sure its features, cons and pros are exactly what you are looking for before you make decisions to get a full version.